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Karin Kneffel | Max Ernst Museum, Brühl

May 1 – Aug 28, 2022

The Max Ernst Museum dedicates a solo exhibition to the painter Karin Kneffel. With 80 works - mainly large-format canvases and watercolor works - the exhibition "Im Augenblick" pays tribute to her work from the years 2004 - 2021.

Karin Kneffel, Ohne Titel, 2019, Oil on canvas 180 x 240 x 5 cm, © Karin Kneffel, VG Bild-Kunst 2022

Karin Kneffel | Franz Marc Museum, Kochel am See

May 29 – 3 October 3, 2022

Karin Kneffel (*1957), a master student of Gerhard Richter at the Düsseldorf Art Academy, has been working for more than ten years in a series of paintings and watercolors on the Krefeld villas Haus Lange and Haus Esters, which were built by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe at the end of the 1920s. Karin Kneffel traced the path of the paintings and sculptures in Hermann Lange's important art collection to the museums where most of these works can be found today. In addition to over thirty paintings by Karin Kneffel, the exhibition features works of classical modernism, paintings by Kokoschka, Kandinsky, Macke and Kirchner, which are rediscovered in Kneffel's paintings.

Karin Kneffel, 2010, Oil on canvas, 180 x 170 cm Private collection © Karin Kneffel, VG Bild-Kunst 2022

Harm van den Dorpel | Nahmad Contemporary, NYC

Jun 22 - Sep 24, 2022

Harm van den Dorpel is part of the group show "The Painter's New Tools" at Nahmad Contemporary alongside Wade Guyton, Urs Fischer, Albert Oehlen, Richard Prince, Seth Price and many more.
The exhibition explores contemporary methods and tools used to manipulate and alter paint(ing) by using software, AI, CGI, printers, phones or other image-making technologies.

Harm van den Dorpel, Softenon (III), 2022, (Still) Generative animation minted as ERC-721 NFT presented on a square EIZO screen.

Toulu Hassani | Kunsthalle Nürnberg

Jun 4 – Aug 28, 2022

Toulu Hassani's works from the series "Oh Be A Fine Girl Kiss Me" are on view at Kunsthalle Nürnberg as part of the exhibition "Geordnete Verhältnisse". A photograph of the night sky above her studio is the starting point for the six-part series of works "Oh Be A Fine Girl Kiss Me" by Toulu Hassani (*1984 in Ahwaz/Iran). One of the canvases shows the starry sky in its entirety; the other five paintings show sections of the nightly firmament. The artist combines these with abstracted graphic representations of star spectra, which she paints using an airbrush technique.

Toulu Hassani, Oh Be A Fine Girl Kiss Me IV, 2021, acrylic ink and oil on canvas, 130 x 100 cm

Florian Süssmayr | Schloss Miltach

May 14 – Aug 1, 2022

Schloss Miltach
Chamer Str. 9
93468 Miltach

In the exhibition at Miltach Castle, the Munich artist presents a cross-section of his work including many new paintings. However, the title of the exhibition „Bilder aus glücklichen Tagen (Pictures from Happy Days)“ is to be seen as an euphemism. The works clearly illuminate the darker sides of human existence. On display are works from earlier series such as “Damen und Herren (Ladies and Gentlemen)”, “Landschaften (Landscapes)”, “Straßen (Streets)” and “Selbstportraits (Self-Portraits)” as well as new works created especially for the exhibition.

Florian Süssmayr, Leder, 2021 Oil on canvas, 35 x 30 cm

Thu-Van Tran | Bundeskunsthalle Bonn

Apr 8 – Aug 7, 2022

A new work from the artist's "Colors of Grey" series can currently be seen in the exhibition "Farbe ist Programm".
The exhibition unites exhibits from more than 100 years of art history in order to approach the medium of "colour" in its political and programmatic dimensions. 

Installation view, Thu-Van Tran, Colors of Grey, 2022

Candida Höfer | Museum für Fotografie, Berlin

Mar 25 – Aug 28, 2022

With around 90 works, the special exhibition at the Museum für Fotografie opens up a broad cross-section of Candida Höfer's photographs of space from 1980 to the immediate present.

Candida Höfer, Archivo General de Indias Sevilla V 2010, C-Print, 60 x 66,2 cm, Edition 3/6 © Candida Höfer, Köln / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2022

Thomas Ruff | SZ Magazine

Nov 19, 2021

Can an image be both crude and seductive at the same time? Is there a “charm of the totalitarian”? And who lies more blatantly, Vladimir Putin or Mark Zuckerberg?

We are proud to announce that Thomas Ruff has designed this year’s artistic version of “Edition 46” published by Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazine!

The magazine is included in the current issue of the Süddeutsche Zeitung and contains a captivating interview of the artist with Tobias Haberl. 

Video: Jonas Natterer

Leiko Ikemura, Thomas Struth | Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein

Nov 12, 2021 - Aug 28, 2022

In the exhibition "Körper – Geste – Raum. Werke aus der Hilti Art Foundation", the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein is showing works by 22 artists that explore the interrelationship between body, gesture and space.

Leiko Ikemura, Sleep, 2020, glass, 15 x 27 x 18 cm, Edition 4/4, © Leiko Ikemura, VG Bild-Kunst 2021; Photo: Jörg von Bruchhausen

Goshka Macuga | MIddelheim Museum, Antwerp

For PUBLIC FIGURE #2 – an annual project by Art in the City (Middelheim Museum) – artist Goshka Macuga (Poland, 1967) rejects the tradition of the “lone hero on his plinth.” Instead, the artist depicts a trans-historic collective of five women whose lives and work shaped and changed society and the arts. The new work pays homage to Chantal Akerman, pioneer cineaste and visual artist; Andrée Blouin, pan-African political activist and member of the first democratically elected government of post-independence Congo; Patricia De Martelaere, philosopher and professor; Marie Popelin, the first woman doctor in Law in Belgium; and Mathilde Schroyens, the first woman mayor of Antwerp.

Goshka Macuga, Figures of Absence, rubber, location: Stadspark, Rubensplei, Antwerpen, © Goshka Macuga, VG Bild-Kunst 2021

Jeff Wall | Kunsthalle Bielefeld

since Oct 10, 2020

Jeff Wall's works "The Thinker" and "The Giant," which reflect on the act of thinking, are currently on view at Kunsthalle Bielefeld, while "The Thinker" by Auguste Rodin, which has flanked the Kunsthalle's entrance since 1968, is on tour as a loan.

Jeff Wall, The Thinker, 1986, Transparency in lightbox, 216 x 229 cm, 1 AP

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