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Overthinking, 2007 (film)

Video projection with sound, 15 min 20 secs, edition: 6 + 3 artist's proofs
Two black-and-white photographs, unframed (43 x 30.5 cm)

The new video piece by Anri Sala is based on photographs found by the artist in the archive of the late Mexican artist David Alfaro Siqueiros. Siqueiros collected all kinds of photographs and images and organized them in his archive in different categories.  Sala discovered two photographs that fascinated him, for they had been categorized under "Architecture" despite the fact that they showed someone jumping off a building.  The second photograph was taken very shortly after the first one, for it shows the jumping person closer to the ground.  Anri Sala decided to consult a medium in the hope of being able to speak to the dead artist.  The video shows Anri Sala and the medium establishing contact with the dead artist. 

Anri Sala, born in Tirana, Albania, in 1974, lives and works in Paris.More dates in Munich:
3rd April 2008: Films of Anri Sala at the Filmmuseum, Munich (in association with the Rüdiger Schöttle Gallery)

24th April 2008: Presentation of "Dammi i colori" by Anri Sala during the Architectural Film Days at the Film Museum, Munich (in association with the Rüdiger Schöttle Gallery)

Filmstills "Overthinking"
Filmstills "Overthinking"
Filmstills "Overthinking"
Schwarz-weiss Photographien | black/white-photographs
ungerahmt | unframed
43 x 30,5 cm
Anri SalaOverthinking30.01.2008 – 01.03.2008