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2008, the year of the gallery's 40th anniversary, will be rounded off by a showing of the works of Jeff Wall from end of November onwards.

The very first joint project between the Rüdiger Schöttle Gallery and Jeff Wall was a contribution to the exhibition "Westkunst", which took place in Cologne in 1981 and was curated by Kaspar König and Lazlo Glozer.

Planned for this year's presentation is a historical, non-profit presentation of early works from the 1980s, including "A woman and her doctor" (1980/81), "Doorpusher" (1984), "The Smoker" (1986), "The Thinker", (1986) and "The old prison" (1987).

Jeff Wall, born in Canada in 1946, began his career as an artist in the 1970s. The formative influences on his work are painting and the cinema. Working in much the same way as a film director, he stages his compositions - often inspired by historical paintings, but transported into a modern context with a lavish attention to detail. His oeuvre also includes works of a documentary nature showing fortuitously discovered places and motifs. As the ideal medium for combining the format of traditional painting with the luminosity of the cinema screen, Jeff Wall made very early use of transparencies in lightboxes, a technique for which he has meanwhile become world-renowned. Since the middle of the 1990s, Jeff Wall has been working increasingly in the medium of large-format black-and-white photography.

Installation view ground floor
Installation views first floor
Installation views first floor
Installation views first floor
Jeff Wall26.11.2008 – 24.01.2009