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Wilhelm-Hack-Museum | Ludwigshafen am Rhein

Nov 19, 2022 – Mar 5, 2023

Wihelm-Hack-Museum in Ludwigshafen am Rhein opens a new exhibition STREET LIFE. The Street in Art from Kirchner to Streuli (November 19, 2022 - March 5, 2023). The unusual title is indeed promising, with participating artists or rather works, for instance, by  Max Beckmann, Jean Dubuffet, VALIE EXPORT and Karin Kneffel. The exhibition is divided into six chapters, focusing on the street as a space for cultural action. Some would say: "Don't pass by!".

Karin Kneffel, Ohne Titel, 2021, oil on canvas, 180 x 150 cm, private collection, © Karin Kneffel, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2022

Art Cologne | Cologne

Nov 16 – 20, 2022

It finally begins on Wednesday: Art Cologne 2022 starts with its 55th show. The oldest art fair in the world presents modern and contemporary art of all genres, which has always been and remains delightful for visitors and participants. Nearly 200 gallery owners, both German and international, will display their works, not least Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle with creations by Thomas Struth, Candida Höfer, Florian Süssmayr and others. Until 20th November visitors have time to see renowned and little-known artists with their graceful works. Save the date, as said.

Thomas Ruff, tableau chinois_04 II, 2020, Tableaux chinois-Series, 1/4 edition, C-print, 240 x 185 cm (94 1/2 x 72 3/4 in), © Thomas Ruff, VG-Bildkunst, Bonn 2022

Thu Van Tran | Centre de Création Contemporaine Olivier Debré, Tours

Oct 21, 2022 – Mar 12, 2023

As an homage to the famous french painter of the post-war period, Olivier Debré (1920-1999), and as an attempt of a reinterpretation of his oeuvre, Centre de Création Contemporaine Olivier Debré presents a new exhibition called Déborder la Toile. This is about the categories of feelings, emotions in art or rather abstract painting, both modern and contemporary, represented by the artists such as Charlotte Denamur or Thu Van Tran, which in turn opens hitherto unknown perspectives.

Thu Van Tran, Colors of grey, 2022, pigment on canvas, 160 x 220 cm (63 x 86 2/3 in), © Thu Van Tran

Goshka Macuga | Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn

Nov 18, 2022 – Apr  9, 2023

Baltic art scene is today full of fascinating events, one of which is the upcoming exhibition Archaeologists of Memory: Vitols Contemporary Art Collection.  Irina Vītola and Māris Vītols, one of the leading collector couples not only in the Baltics, but also in Europe, offer the public the opportunity to view their prominent collection, which includes about 1000 works. There are works by already established contemporary artists, or, as the curator suggests, Archaeologists of Memory, from Central and Eastern Europe, such as Vladimir Arkhipov, Rasa Jansone, or Goshka Macuga.

Goshka Macuga, Unapparent Woods, 2020, woven tapestry, screenprinted and foiled, 60 x 102 x 2.3 cm (23 2/3 x 40 x 1/4 x 1 in), © Leiko Ikemura, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2022

Toulu Hassani | Kunsthalle Bremen

Feb 26, 2022 – Nov 6, 2022

Like other renowned art institutions, the Kunsthalle Bremen decided to rethink its extensive collection, including recent acquisitions, which in turn can be seen by the visitors. Remix: Selections from the Collection of Contemporary Art: speaks for itself, but presents many interesting or rather not yet fully discovered works, not least the works of the contemporary artist of Iranian origin Toulu Hassani.

Toulu Hassani, Oh Be A Fine Girl Kiss Me IV, 2021, acrylic ink and oil on canvas, 130 x 100 cm (51 1/4 x 39 1/3 in), © Toulu Hassani

Rodney Graham | 1949-2022

Only the forgotten one is dead: Rodney Graham has passed away at the age of 73. We are deeply sorry to inform you that one of the most famous contemporary and conceptual artists has left this world. Rodney Graham will be remembered not only as a precise, sensitive and humorous great thinker, one of the main representatives of the Vancouver School, but also as a good friend of the Rüdiger Schöttle Gallery.

Rodney Graham, Shoes for City Self / Country Self und Study for City Self Shoes, 2008, display case: steel, glass; handmade shoes (size 41), leather, metall; photographic work, 1/ 4 and 1AP edition respectively, © Rodney Graham

Kikuo Saito | Mousse Magazine

Mousse Magazine presents: Kikuo Saito in the international or rather in the European press. The Milanese magazine, which specializes in contemporary art, dedicates one of its articles to the art of Kikuo Saito, who is exhibited for the first time in Germany at the Rüdiger Schöttle Gallery (2022). Died in 2016, the native of Japan was one of the main protagonists of the American avant-garde theater scene in the 60s and 70s, later - after collaborating with renowned artists of his time - successfully established himself among the abstract expressionists. 

Kikuo Saito, O'Day, 2013, oil on canvas, 137 x 196 cm, photo: Wilfried Petzi

Anri Sala| DART Chiostro del Bramante, Rome

Feb 19, 2022 - Jan 8, 2023

In the exhibition at Chiostro del Bramante, boldly titled CRAZY: Madness in Contemporary Art, one encounters many established artists' names, such as Lucio Fontana, Anri Sala or Tobias Rehberger. Contemporary art, of which they representate, is an indefinite, provocative, alluring and at the same time discarding art, which, according to the curator Danilo Eccher, is in turn linked to the state of madness. To look at the works of contemporary artists from this unexpected perspective - is to travel to the eternal city.

Anri Sala, Untitled (ball and lion), 2001, C-print on aludibond, 79 × 109.5 cm

Thomas Ruff | ARKEN Museum for Moderne Kunst, Ishøj

Apr 22, 2021 - Dec 30, 2022

New York's art scene is not the only one to enjoy Thomas Ruff's new exhibitions: until 30 December 2022, the ARKEN Museum in Ishøj, Denmark, will be presenting a new exhibition, the aim of which is to demonstrate its extensive collection of works of contemporary art to Scandinavian and foreign audiences. At the end of the rainbow, despite the connotation of the well-known idiom as something desirable (the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow) but difficult to achieve, shows us the world as an accumulation of ordinary human interactions wherein there is always something to explore.

Thomas Ruff, Interior 6A, 1979, chromogenic print, 57 x 47 cm, © Thomas Ruff, VG-Bildkunst, Bonn 2022

Thomas Struth | Kunstmuseum Bonn

Jul 21 - Okt 16, 2022

Among the many new interpretations or representations of museum collections, the Bonn Art Museum's exhibition German Caviar stands out. The playful name, however, does not reveal the whole concept of the exhibition, which may appear childish but is in fact full of seriousness and addresses past, present and re-emerging socio-political issues with the help of photographic art. The dynamic role of the photographic medium itself is at the same time also addressed.

Thomas Struth, Ulica Truda, St. Petersburg 2005, inkjet print, 40,8 x 58,0 cm, © Thomas Struth, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2022

Leiko Ikemura | Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau

Aug 7, 2022 - Jan 15, 2023

 Who is a woman? (Only) a woman? The Aargauer Kunsthaus invites us to reflect on the socio-historical significance and self-positioning of women, especially of female artist. The focus of the exhibition A woman is a woman is a woman... is on the works of national and international women artists from the 70s - 90s of the 20th century that the renowned Swiss Kunsthaus has in its possession. 

Leiko Ikemura, Triptych, 2022, tempera and oil on nettle, 70 x 70 cm, © Leiko Ikemura

Candida Höfer | Museum Villa Zanders, Bergisch Gladbach

Sep 3, 2022 - Jan 8, 2023 

Bibliophiles and art lovers take note: from 3 September, the imposing Museum Villa Zanders will be showing a new exhibition called BIBLIOMANIA - The Book in Art, devoted entirely to the book. Everything related to this medium, from its beginnings to its revolutionary role in world history and its present place in the digital age, is complemented by works from the museum's art collection, not least by the works of Candida Höfer. 

Candida Höfer, Biblioteca Girolamini Napoli III, 2009, C-print, 152 x 166 cm, © Candida Höfer, VG-Bildkunst, 2022

David Claerbout | Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich

Mar 30, 2022 - Jan 14, 2024 

To mark its 20th anniversary, the Pinakothek der Moderne is opening its special exhibition Mix & Match. Rediscovering The Collection. 350 works, including one by David Claerbout, will be reinterpreted, re-hung and subjected to a new analysis. Unexpected artistic discoveries, various conspicuous features and connections, that the Pinakothek's extensive collection conceals, await curious visitors.

 David Claerbout, Kindergarten Antonio Sant'Elia, 1932, 1998, 1-channel video, black and white, without sound, 10 min., © David Claerbout

David Claerbout | Conservatorio di Musica Benedetto Marcello, Venice

Apr 23 -  Nov 27, 2022

Together with other renowned artists, David Claerbout is participating in the 59th Venice Biennale. One of the main themes of Uncombed, Unforeseen, Unconstrained - the name of the group exhibition presented by London's Parasol Unit Foundation for Contemporary Art - is entropy - a physics term that in this case stands for disorder and unpredictability within our society.  Current socio-cultural, political and climatic challenges leave hardly anyone indifferent today, including the art world. 

David Claerbout, Wildfire (meditation on fire), 2019-2020, single channel video projection, 3D animation, Photo: Francesco Allegretto

Karin Kneffel | Franz Marc Museum, Kochel am See

May 29 – 3 October 3, 2022

Karin Kneffel (*1957), a master student of Gerhard Richter at the Düsseldorf Art Academy, has been working for more than ten years in a series of paintings and watercolors on the Krefeld villas Haus Lange and Haus Esters, which were built by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe at the end of the 1920s. Karin Kneffel traced the path of the paintings and sculptures in Hermann Lange's important art collection to the museums where most of these works can be found today. In addition to over thirty paintings by Karin Kneffel, the exhibition features works of classical modernism, paintings by Kokoschka, Kandinsky, Macke and Kirchner, which are rediscovered in Kneffel's paintings.

Karin Kneffel, 2010, Oil on canvas, 180 x 170 cm Private collection © Karin Kneffel, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2022

Harm van den Dorpel | Nahmad Contemporary, NYC

Jun 22 - Sep 24, 2022

Harm van den Dorpel is part of the group show "The Painter's New Tools" at Nahmad Contemporary alongside Wade Guyton, Urs Fischer, Albert Oehlen, Richard Prince, Seth Price and many more.
The exhibition explores contemporary methods and tools used to manipulate and alter paint(ing) by using software, AI, CGI, printers, phones or other image-making technologies.

Harm van den Dorpel, Softenon (III), 2022, (Still) Generative animation minted as ERC-721 NFT presented on a square EIZO screen.

Thomas Ruff | SZ Magazine

Nov 19, 2021

Can an image be both crude and seductive at the same time? Is there a “charm of the totalitarian”? And who lies more blatantly, Vladimir Putin or Mark Zuckerberg?

We are proud to announce that Thomas Ruff has designed this year’s artistic version of “Edition 46” published by Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazine!

The magazine is included in the current issue of the Süddeutsche Zeitung and contains a captivating interview of the artist with Tobias Haberl. 

Video: Jonas Natterer

Goshka Macuga | MIddelheim Museum, Antwerp

For PUBLIC FIGURE #2 – an annual project by Art in the City (Middelheim Museum) – artist Goshka Macuga (Poland, 1967) rejects the tradition of the “lone hero on his plinth.” Instead, the artist depicts a trans-historic collective of five women whose lives and work shaped and changed society and the arts. The new work pays homage to Chantal Akerman, pioneer cineaste and visual artist; Andrée Blouin, pan-African political activist and member of the first democratically elected government of post-independence Congo; Patricia De Martelaere, philosopher and professor; Marie Popelin, the first woman doctor in Law in Belgium; and Mathilde Schroyens, the first woman mayor of Antwerp.

Goshka Macuga, Figures of Absence, rubber, location: Stadspark, Rubensplei, Antwerpen, © Goshka Macuga, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2021

Jeff Wall | Kunsthalle Bielefeld

since Oct 10, 2020

Jeff Wall's works "The Thinker" and "The Giant," which reflect on the act of thinking, are currently on view at Kunsthalle Bielefeld, while "The Thinker" by Auguste Rodin, which has flanked the Kunsthalle's entrance since 1968, is on tour as a loan.

Jeff Wall, The Thinker, 1986, Transparency in lightbox, 216 x 229 cm, 1 AP

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