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Anders Clausen, born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1978, today lives and works in London, where he graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2007. Apart from the RCA Sculpture Show at the Royal College of Art and participation in a group exhibition in London, the forthcoming showing of his works at the Rüdiger Schöttle Gallery will be this young artist's first exhibition. Clausen combines sculptures with wall art (graphics and collages).

Light and dark heads rest on tall, slender pedestals: the human face in the process of becoming and decaying. Vaguely gazing faces, some coarsely, others finely modelled, dreamily while their time away in an interim world. Some wear accessories or hats, as though they are on their twilight way to some uncertain destiny. Others emerge from cascades of colour or gypsum. Clausen uses various materials for his sculptures, such as a wood, gypsum and paint.

Raumansicht | Installation view
Sheet rock II (grey/pink)
Paper, artist frame
120 x 80 cm
Profil II (plaster poster)
Plasterboard, poster, artist frame
98 x 68 cm
Profil I (plaster)
Plasterboard, artist frame
120 x 80 cm
Untitled # 23 (black head stick back)
Plaster, mdf, paint
166 x 23 x 25
Untitled # 22 (grey woman drip)
Plaster, mdf, paint
162 x 22 x 25cm
Untitled # 8b  (black head)
Plaster, wood, paint
157 x 23 x 23cm
Untitled # 27b (green woman)
Plaster, plasterboard, paint
166 x 23 x 23cm
Untitled # 26b (grey/pink man)
Plaster, wood, paint
164 x 23 x 23cm
Untitled # 25 (black head stick side)
Plaster, plasterboard, paint
164 x 23 x 23cm
Anders Clausen01.12.2007 – 19.01.2008