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Armin Boehm, born in Aachen in 1972, studied at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf as a Meisterschüler under Professor Jörg Immendorff. Boehm first became known through his large-format, fictitious landscape paintings: boundless, shimmering urban landscapes under imposing, unreal starry skies. Surrealistic details, which often seem to loom out of a mist, and motifs such as smashed tree trunks, car wrecks, mountain huts or stags strengthen the impression of a fictitious, dreamlike scenery. 
Whilst Armin Boehm increasingly uses motifs from the worlds of photography and the cinema, combining them from the widest conceivable diversity of media, they are all subordinated to the general atmosphere of the painting, which takes absolute priority. The scenes he depicts possess the hazy quality of distant memories. They tell a story, but it is too vague for the viewer to comprehend. The paintings convey a magical mood, not least through the artist's use of light. The co-existence of man and nature seems harmonious and colourful only at first glance. Indeed, a dark, menacing component pervades the paintings of Armin Boehm.

Armin Boehm exhibited his new works on the theme of "Homeland" at the Schöttle Gallery in 2005, including large-format views of Neuschwanstein and Schloss Berg in Bavaria. Armin Boehm lives and works in Berlin.

Schloss Berg, 2005
Ohne Titel (Heimat III)
Armin Boehm06.04.2005 – 14.05.2005