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Běla Kolářová was one of the exponents of Neo-Constructivism who struck a new course in art in the former CSSR at the beginning of the 1960s. She was a member of "Krizovathka" (Crossroads), a group of artists formed in 1964 that harked back to the art of the years between the two world wars and developed a style that fell, in terms of both form and content, into the category of international modernism.

Běla Kolářová combined Constructivist and kinetic objects, drawings, collages and photographs and integrated into her assemblages such everyday objects as press studs, eyelets, buttons and, later, even human hair. Her works always take the form of intimate, serial, strictly ordered arrangements, their precisely placed elements developing a particularly lyrical language of form. The exhibition at the Rüdiger Schöttle Gallery will be showing a series of photograms, assemblages and photographs.

Běla Kolářová, who participated in documenta 12 in 2007, was born in Terezíně in 1923.  She lives and works in Prague.

Abeceda / From the Alphabet Serie, 1964
13,80 x 18,80 cm
Ed. 1/2 (in dieser Größe)
Vegetáz Pozitiv-negativ / Végétage - Positif-négatif, 1961 
29 x 14,50 cm 
Ed. 1/4
Zátky / Plugs, 1964
40 x 29,90 cm
Ed. 1/3
Bez názvu / Untitled, 1962
24,10 x 18,10 cm
Bez názvu / Untitled, 1968-1972
28,40 x 22,30 cm
Bez názvu / Untitled, 1964
24 x 30,40 cm
Ed. 1/2

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Bela Kolarova23.10.2009 – 05.12.2009