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Christian Frosi, born in Milan in 1973, will be presenting his surprising and thought-provoking installations that thematicize such terms and notions as subject, quality, public and formal evolution and their mutual dependence.  In Basle in 2003, for example, he let white foam overflow from a terrace onto the street and invade surrounding buildings (Foam 2003). "I don't think art is all that aware of its own physical essence [...] What I am interested in is identifying those qualities that constitute and describe a work of art and then isolating them and moving them even further apart." (Frosi). About the exhibition at Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle the artist says:
"All the works in the show are related at the concept of number 2, like a reflection of the same thing or a split in a two parts of a singularity. Every single work can be perceived like a space between two points that allow me to use the idea of distance inside my work in different ways: formal, cultural or physical. 
Sometimes I like to play with physical distance using geographical connection with my works. Chris Dercon shoes are a way to connect my sculpture to the social city's context. 
The double text of Piraha tribe is a way to point out a different horizon, to talk about different structures of languages (and talking about a distance is the first act to decrease it.) 
The bicycle-work is divided in two wood tubes; it is an abstract system to maintain the singularity in a double form that can play with the space.
The wall sculpture is an extemporary action on an everyday object like media images. Everyday object like the shoes and the bicycle. (Like simple words when you try to learn a new language.)
The definitive form of the black form on the wall was not predicted and its fragile relation with the upsidedown image is the research of an incompatible co-existence. The title of the work is in relation to the Piraha tribe and the actual incompatibility between their language and ours."
(Christian Frosi)

Piraha Song, 2006
Wall sculpture
New Title U05, 2006
Plexi glass, iron, shoes of Chris Dercon
160 x 20 x 20 cm
New Title OOOO Bycicle, 2006
Installation (2 objects, Wood, Bycicle Elements)
variabel (ca. 150 x 600 x 20 cm)
New Title OOOO Bycicle, 2006
Installation (2 objects, Wood, Bycicle Elements)
variabel (ca. 150 x 600 x 20 cm)
1 + 1 = 2, 2006
Ed.: 3
2 Posters
50 x 80 cm (each)
Christian Frosi09.09.2006 – 28.10.2006