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In this exhibition, the Rüdiger Schöttle Gallery presented two contemporary artists from the South of Germany, both of them distinguished by their completely different approaches:  the Munich artist Florian Süssmayr and the painter and sculptor Thomas Helbig from Rosenheim.

Florian Süssmayr (born 1963) is an observer who collects the anonymous messages and still lifes of everyday life: graffiti on walls, scribbles and doodles on beer tables – in Munich's Hofbräuhaus, for example – and transports their aesthetic and expressiveness out of their original environment into his works. Found motifs from his immediate surroundings – bars, stand-up beer halls, graffiti, football and even landscapes find their way into his works as fragmentary excerpts from his own personal world. His techniques vary between painting, frottage, photography and glass painting. Süssmayr's work has its origins in Munich's artistic and political subculture of the 1980s. Film-making and photography were the starting points of his development as a painter.

Florian Süssmayr's sources of inspiration are manifold: his grandfather, the painter Josef Süssmayr, Adolph Menzel, Kenneth Anger, Otto Mühl, Nan Goldin and the legendary punk band "The Ramones". Indeed, it was as the co-founder of the punk band "Lorenz Lorenz" that Florian Süssmayr already made an appearance at the Rüdiger Schöttle Gallery as long ago as the early 1980s. In the forthcoming exhibition, he will be showing a series of glass paintings which have as their theme the mutual interaction of writing and painting, of documentary and fictitious elements. For all their aesthetic appeal, Florian Süssmayr's works often convey gloomy, aggressive messages from an anonymous, urban world.

Florian Süssmayr's works were shown simultaneously in exhibitions at the Haus der Kunst and the Lenbachhaus.

Florian Süssmayr05.03.2005 – 06.04.2005