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Frank Nitsche was born in Görlitz in 1964, studied at the College of Fine Arts in Dresden and today lives and works in Berlin.  His specific language of forms is reflected in the works shown in the forthcoming exhibition.  These compositions of densely arranged abstract surfaces and forms evolve through a continual process of reworking.  The starting point is a framework of lines which is drawn on the canvas and then filled in with colours that often seem cool, dull and chalky.  When the paintings are finished, the preliminary stages and subsequent processes of development are often still vaguely discernible. Painted areas are sandpapered in order to reveal the colours and and linear structures beneath, which are then again submerged in new colour, resulting in an exciting contrast between flat, clearly outlined segments of colour and the suggestion of multilayered depth.  The dynamic interweave of lines and surfaces often awakens the impression of violent, maelstrom-like movement.

UHL-30-2005, 2005
oil on canvas
60,5 x 50 cm
SEK-29-2005, 2005
oil on canvas
44 x 31 cm
POB-27-2005, 2005
oil on canvas
43,5 x 26 cm
Ausstellungsansicht | Installation view
NEK-31-2005, 2005
oil on canvas
65 x 45,5 cm
GIC-24-2005, 2005
oil on canvas
55 x 35,5 cm
GEE-22-2005, 2005
oil on canvas
51 x 29,5 cm
BEC-32-2005, 2005
oil on canvas
175 x 160 cm
Frank Nitsche10.09.2005 – 22.10.2005