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Although she was one of the most important exponents of Rumanian avant-garde art after the Second World War, it was not until much later that Geta Brătescu's oeuvre finally became noticed in the West. An exhibition at the Galerie im Taxispalais in Innsbruck in 2008 was the very first comprehensive international presentation of her works.Geta Brătescu has been actively working as an artist since the 1940s and has lived through all of Rumania's political upheavals.  In the 1970s, Geta Brătescu began to use modern techniques in her search for new forms of artistic expression. Her oeuvre now comprises many different genres: drawing, photography, sculpture, installation, printmaking, performance and film.  Her forthcoming exhibition at the Rüdiger Schöttle Gallery will be showing drawings from her "Capricii" series of 2008.Geta Brătescu was born in Ploiesti in 1926.  She lives and works in Bucharest

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Capricio, 2008
Zeichnungen auf Papier
49 x 33 cm
Geta Bratescu23.10.2009 – 05.12.2009