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The forthcoming exhibition is the very first presentation of the works of the Austrian artist Heinz Frank at the Rüdiger Schöttle Gallery. The title of the exhibition is also a statement made by the artist: "Eternally faithful is the emptiness of the hole. Everything spoken is an inner or innermost self-portrait". Such statements take the viewer straight to the essence of Heinz Frank's work. Everything begins with a thought, which is first felt and then given shape. He quite literally lends material to these thoughts and feelings, so to speak, in order to fix them. Heinz Frank gives shape to his ideas with the aid of found objects of wood or metal, parts of furniture and, most preferably, stones. These objects are combined to form mysterious and enigmatic assemblages that mostly evoke the image of a hole, an eye, a brain or other parts of the human body. Heinz Frank's art is about showing how everything is linked together and what ultimately remains.
In exploring the materials he uses, Heinz Frank seeks such diametric opposites as hard/soft, cold/hot, inside/outside, beginning/end and shows what lies in between. Seen in conjunction with his aptly laconic statements, the objects and assemblages speak for themselves as expressions of what was once just a thought. Heinz Frank's objects and assemblages are much influenced by the Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti, who almost a hundred years ago trusted himself enough to reduce the human body to no more than what was absolutely necessary in order to make the essential visible.
Heinz Frank (*1939 in Vienna) studied architecture and design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. He has been working as an artist since the 1970s. His works have been shown in countless exhibitions and belong to many Austrian collections, including the Museum of Modern Art – Ludwig Foundation, Vienna (Mumok), the Museum of Applied Art, Vienna (MAK), and the Rupertinum in Salzburg.

Der der warm fühlt, kann nicht kalt denken, 1980
wood, stone, ice, rattan
h = 225,  Ø 50 cm
Das Hirngewand der Körpergedanken und umgekehrt, 1988 wood, glass, carpetprint
195 x 92 x 115 cm
Geformte Stille, 1987
burned clay, brass
h = 129 cm
Keine Augen, die das Nichts sehen, 1975
stone, wood, bamboo, colour
135 x 40 x 230 cm
Meine Hände erzählen von ihrer Sprachlosigkeit, 1974 ceramic, mirror, copper
h = 90,  Ø 54 cm

Durch dadurch, 1975
wood, painted
51 x 72 x 72 cm
Ausstellungsansicht | Installation view (Foto: Wilfried Petzi)
Heinz Frank07.02.2014 – 29.03.2014