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Running parallel to Florian Süssmayr's exhibition is a showing of Thomas Helbig's new paintings and sculptures on the first floor of the gallery.  Born in 1967, Thomas Helbig dismantles objects, which he finds in nature and on fleamarkets, and processes them into works which evoke a dark, poetically mythical make-believe world. As works of pure abstraction, they seem to waive all the postmodern irony we have come to expect as a matter of course today. 

"It is as though a contrary world were filled with a natural force, albeit a force which, unlike an organism, does not know its limits and thus has all the appearances of violence." (Bertold Reiss)Clear, spatial structures likewise dissolve in Helbig's paintings. This is clearly manifest in his "portraits", which do not depict any definite persons but rather show faces in various stages of disintegration.  In Helbig's actual physical destruction and overpainting of found paintings, the figural condenses into organic, distorted images of an energetically charged, other world. 

Thomas Helbig lives and works in Berlin. He studied at the Art Academy in Munich and Goldsmith College, London.

Thomas Helbig05.03.2005 – 06.04.2005