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The common idea behind this joint exhibition of the works of Uwe Henneken, Anselm Reyle and Thomas Zipp was to seek a counterconcept to the theme of the group exhibition. Surprisingly, "The New Black" turns out to be green, at once visualizing and ironizing the discussion as to whether black as the most important colour in fashion is currently being ousted by green.  In painting, green has always been considered taboo, at least according to the art critic Clement Greenberg.  These three artists play with the idea of theme-related exhibition concepts and each delivers his own statement on the subject.

The works of Uwe Henneken, born in Paderborn in 1974, represent a young form of landscape painting which operates with fantastical symbolist visions and harks back to a romantic tradition.  His paintings evoke a touch of melancholy, taking up themes reminiscent of Dante and Edgar Allan Poe, for example, and seeking a language of form that makes the transparent visible.

The painting of Anselm Reyle, born in Tübingen in 1970, has its roots in abstraction.  His works thematicize the artistic styles of the more recent past, e.g. the striped paintings and the Op Art of the 60s and 70s.  He explores the techniques and colour scales of different art epochs, making new discoveries from the prevailing moods of those bygone times.  His model, Sigmar Polke, points the way Reyle wishes to go, a way which is never without wit and irony. Anselm Reyle also works with found objects, such as cartwheels and fishing nets – normally scorned items of decoration on which Reyle then playfully and artistically sheds a more positive light. A bronze sculpture will also be shown in the exhibition besides his paintings.

Thomas Zipp, born in Heppenheim in 1966, does not confine himself to painting but rather uses a whole diversity of media – photographs, photocopies, sculptures and objects – in order to convey his thematic associations. As a "narrative conceptualist", Zipp visualizes philosophical and interpretational complexities from the realms of nature, mythology and spirituality. A film will also form part of Thomas Zipp's contribution to the theme of this forthcoming exhibition.

Uwe Henneken, Anselm Reyle, Thomas Zipp„Das neue Schwarz“18.05.2005 – 25.06.2005