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Alex Mirutziu was born in Sibiu, Romania, in 1981. He studied at the art academies of Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Cuenca (Spain) and Huddersfield (UK). Today he lives and works in London and Cluj-Napoca. For his video piece Tears are precious Alex Mirutziu received the Best Independent Artist Award at the Optica International Video Art Festival in 2008 (Paris, Madrid).

Alex Mirutziu's Œuvre includes photographic self-portraits, live performance, sculpture, painting and media-critical video installations.
"My work traverses processes that refer to the body when it is at war with itself; addresses issues of self-familiarisation, mediation, and interaction, framed via social processes and ephemeral emergence. I never forget that I use revolution wise instruments embedded with political meaning and transversal power; my body is one of those instruments - my own disposal container where I am comfortable in stepping in and on my own obscenity, and ambiguity, as self destructive volume, as public duration of images, processual, exercising freedom in complex environments.
I intend to make use of the processes of the body almost to a level of rape, to generate distinctions and to create meaning when introduced into new systems of relations. Therefore I deliberately take my own body as the main place of confrontation and communication with my own memory and suffering. I have always learned through disappearances, through leavings and comings-to-be, never conceptualising restrictions – always acting upon them. 
My work is a shared provocation of corruptive language, comes into view as exploitative act of how death has structured us, as I sing for the war of heartbreak where every bit of myself is a tool, a weapon." 
(extract from: HOT MESS/ Contemplating the body at war with itself - Some brief remarks on my own mess, by Alex Mirutziu) 

In his first solo exhibition in Germany at the Rüdiger Schöttle Gallery Alex Mirutziu will be showing new works under the title "Some kill their love when they are young", a reference to Oscar Wilde's poem "The Ballade of Reading Gaol".

Unforgotten if unpunished (self portrait with medical sock, lycra panty hose, ball gag), 2010 
20 x 20 cm 
1/5 + 1 AP
There is no fit memorial for our love, 2009
2 plates (digital chrome photograph on vitrified caolino and aluminium silicate plates), placed on wooden table
99,6 x 80,2 x 50 cm
Unforgotten if unpunished, 2009
digital film (4:14 min) on manually managed 5th generation white video Ipod (serial number: 9C7050BBV9K) with head phones placed on black wooden plinth
149 x 30 x 30 cm
Runway spill #1, 2009
HD Video (continuous loop) transferred on video DVD
1/5 + 2 AP
Painting # 6 for bank vault, 2009
Acryl auf Leinwand
40 x 40 cm
Painting # 5 for bank vault, 2009
Acryl auf Leinwand
40 x 40 cm
Painting # 2 for bank vault, 2009
Acryl auf Leinwand
40 x 40 cm
Sock face, 2010
stiplex lightbox
44,50 x 59,40 x 10 cm
1/3 + 1 AP
Alex Mirutziu"Some kill their love when they are young"05.02.2010 – 20.03.2010